Monday, December 3, 2012

Design Wall Monday - Nascar Style!

Today I got the borders put on the Dale Earnhardt Jr #88 Nascar quilt. Alot people hate doing binding, but I hate doing borders!! I don't mind binding at But if we are to ever get a quilt done it MUST have it's borders ;)

This quilt is going to be for my DH for Christmas. I have had the fabric for this for about :blushing: 4-5 years! I will openly admit that I haven't quite enjoyed doing this one, as it's not my type of fabric. Isn't it funny how you enjoy a project more if you like!

Also, the checker blocks is NOT printed fabric, but striped pieced squares. The backing fabric is in the washer as I type. It is a Dale Earnhardt Sr #3 black soft flannel. DH was a huge fan of Sr before is tragic accident on the track.

I will be quilting it this week, and pretty much have figured out how I will be quilting it. Nothing elaborate but something nice all the same.

Here is some pics of the top all done:



  1. Very cute quilt. I have a cousin that would kill for a similar quilt. Please don't let him see yours!

    1. LOL Dar!! I will hide it from him :) Thanks for your comment.