Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yeah, I'm a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

Weird title huh? But I am soooo excited because I won in a blog giveaway! Once my winnings come I will post a picture of my goodies. What a wonderful Christmas present!

I wanted to share what I have been working off and on with you for the past little while. Can you kinda tell what it is?? lol! Well, when it's finished it will be a Christmas peppermint cupcake tree ornament. It's a small project, and if I could break away from quilting long enough I could finish it really quickly, but quilting keeps pulling me back in :) which is a good thing! I was a cross stitcher well before I was ever a quilter. I have a HUGE cross stitch project that I worked on diligently quite a bit this Summer, but it is quietly sitting there waiting for me to return. It's going to be a stunner. This is my progress on this little one since Sun.. I stitched on it while watching Quilt Cam. I will every so often show my progress, who knows maybe next time it will be almost done or done!

Well, off here to go sew - the quilting kind :)


  1. Hi, I need your name and address emailed to me by Thursday at 3:30 pm Dec.13th. to get your quilt kit. jcrow54@gmail.com. You entered my giveaway and won. www.mylifeasaquilter.blogspot.com
    If I don't hear from you by then, the prizes will be distributed among the ones who have replied. I'm sorry, please reply.

  2. Sorry, you replied. I made a mistake. Only 4 replies. You might get a few kits. Only 4 replies so far and it ends tomorrow at 3 pm.